Resurfacing in the time of Covid-19

I signed up for this blog site, years after the original (Tilt-a-whirl) went away, probably because it was time to have another place to share things, both personal and business related. Today, I got a reminder that it was time to pay for my second year, after not doing the work to create anything, for the FIRST year. Yes, I know, so weird, but there you have it. The Shut-in-ness of Covid-19 and what it has done to how I have done business, for almost 39 years, has really thrown me for a loop, for better or worse, but now that my first venture into a Virtual show is fast approaching, it has become evident that I have to Get With It and once again expand my horizons.

Here in the clearing in the forest, our internet connection has been a real issue, for the 13 years that we have lived here. The Spouse has been on a mission, throughout all of it, to find some sort of connection to the world that would allow us to be somewhat like “normal” people, who can stream and more importantly, in the age of Covid-19, have the ability to do the kind of live interface with family, and now, the world of my in-person customers. I can now say that, thanks to his tenacity, we have a high speed connection, through the magic of a little alien that sits in the studio window, connecting me to a cell tower, and that I will be able to participate in the first Virtual New York State Sheep & Wool Festival/aka Rhinebeck. I can’t express the lift that this news gave me, so that now, I have something to look forward to and to create FOR.

Stay tuned.

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