Deep Breath

Zen in Deep Sea and Emerald City

This is the first day, since all of the lightning fires started, that I have been able to hang yarn or fiber in the breezy sunshine. It gives me some kind of hope for tomorrow, which for the past month, has been hard to come by. The air has been so toxic that sitting outside, or even walking to the studio has felt dangerous. We are so grateful that we had a brief, surprising rain shower, yesterday, which was just enough to dot the dust that has accumulated over the vehicles AND to lift our spirits.

Having to say Bon Voyage to the soul that inhabited the body of the tiny titan that was Ruth Bader Ginsberg, last night, was a blow, I have to admit. She was so strong and brilliant and I love that she got a kick out of being known as The Notorious RBG. She hung on as long as she could, like a lioness guarding her cubs, knowing that her death would mean something big, in that soured place called the US Senate. She was steadfast in her beliefs and knowledge of the constitution and I hope that her fellow justices feel the impact of her loss. To dear RBG I say, as a mother and grandmother, thank you for guarding the palace door for our girls. While I never needed an abortion and would not have wanted to need one, I will fight for the rights of every woman in that position. I am heterosexual and have no gay children but will fight for the right for same sex marriage, because Love is Love and families come in all shapes and sizes. I want to live in a country that welcomes immigrants who work hard and contribute to the fabric of our nation. This is a big loss for our country but her legacy will remain. I for one, am going to step outside and take a deep breath and thank her for staying as long as she did. You will be missed, Ruth, you will be missed.

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