Fluted Lace Shawl

Carolyn Wyborny’s Fluted Lace Shawl

Many months ago, I had the pleasure of sending off two skeins of Polwarth/silk DK weight yarn to Carolyn, at the behest of Piecework Magazine ( now a part of the publications owned by Longthread Media). When I send yarn to designers, I never have an idea of what it will become and so, upon discovering that the shawl on the cover of the Summer 2020 publication was done in my recognizable (to me) new color, Blue Steel, I was thrilled.

I chose to make one for myself, using the very subtle bruised baby rose color called (appropriately) Old Irish Rose. I can tell you that the combination of yarn and wonderful pattern has made a beautiful and, squishy and cozy wrap.

The most amazing thing happened because of this shawl and the loyal readers of Piecework; the number of orders of yarn for this pattern carried me through the time when my first shows began to fall by the wayside. It was a lifesaver. I had made the sample and was looking forward to sharing it at the DFW Fiberfest, when the life altering hammer of COVID-19 came down. Instead of just hanging it in a booth, I got to encourage knitters, with the experience that I had, knitting this piece. It has been a connection and I thank Anne Merrow and Kate Larson for the cover.

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