Another FO during Pandemic Knitting

Normally, I knit with the booth in mind, finding new things to show people, whether techniques or color combinations. Now that the Booth is going to reside in my very own studio, for Virtual Rhinebeck 2020, well, I am knitting like a magpie, searching for the next pretty thing

A customer, who took me up on my offer to help with colors, turned me on to a shawl pattern called Evenly Uneven , which touched my magpie heart. I actually created a special color that she was looking for, to bring happiness to HER magpie heart.

Here is my version, made with my Deluxe Sock in Water Garden, Deep Sea and Raven’s Wing. All three are handprints, although the second two are very subtle, giving them more depth than a pot semi-solid.

View one of Evenly-uneven

I did take a little creative liberty and changed the last rows to drop stitches, for a different take.

View two

I love the contrast of the colors, although they are all related. The Deep Sea is showing a bit more blue but it is actually a little more teal. Raven’s wing is just that, imagining the colors under that black.

The fancy way

I think that you will really enjoy this project, as much as I have. It kept my interest with no oops stitches caused by garter boredom, so that is a big deal.

Time to choose another but it is also time to create something for this year’s Rhinebeck colorway. Stay tuned!

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