Looking Forward To This.

So, I have been just “maintaining”, it seems, for the months since the first show cancellation of 2020. I was building stock for the racks, after Stitches West, because we were going to make our annual pilgrimage through the Southwest, to Irving Texas, for the DFW Fiberfest . I was actually the one who had to pull out, during the questionable weeks leading up to the show, because He and I are of a certain age and did not want to take chances with our health, especially if we drove for three days and NOBODY SHOWED UP. You see my dilemma, there. From there, Interweave’s Yarnfest cancelled and then, hold on as he might, Benjamin had to cancel Stitches Midwest, which was an area I was so looking forward to revisiting after a few years away. Then, the Coup de Gras came when the NYSS&W Festival had to let go. This show is always a Sea of Humanity and would be impossible for everyone.

I had no stomach to bring out new things, simply because I kept telling myself “What’s The Point“, since people want to touch things and we were effectively Shut-ins. I have been enjoying the online interactions that I have had with people wanting help with yarn and color choices for patterns, especially if they were new patterns, to me! This has helped keep my spirits up, while trying to figure out how to reach out, once again. This blog is one way to do so. I have spoken to so many people who remember my old blog and how I wrote about Prophane Industries and the slow decline of my mother. The time has come to personalize what I do and who I am, because that is all we have; our reputation and good will. It really is helping to bring me back to myself.

So, needless to say, I have done a LOT of Pandemic knitting but not much experimentation in the dye room. I mean to fix that. The test is which colorway I will adopt for the official 2020 Rhinebeck Colorway. I tried cheery and it seemed fake and so now I will say that I am going tonal. It fits my mood and the mood of the country, it seems. As an aside, it really cracks me up that I am not the only one feeling this way, since I have seen postings on Instagram, featuring my Very Moody Styx (seems appropriate) colorway.

So, what has begun to save my soul is the fact that this will be my first Virtual show, since this mess began. They have given us clues about what to do and present, so it is less intimidating to this Old Dog. Here is the website info: https://sheepandwool.com . I am going to miss Ellen, who helps us every year, and so many many people that I would instinctively want to hug. Maybe next year, we can all meet again, when this COVID thing gets under control, somehow, so that He and I can drive across this battered but resilient nation, once again.

12 thoughts on “Looking Forward To This.

  1. You ARE absolutely correct, Lisa. I run a blogsite for some people following the “big picture” of what’s going on, along with a mutual investment circle we’re all in. And I just got through posting “I’m done with all of it, don’t expect anymore comments on or posts about politics … until something huge happens one way or the other, I’m outta here and hitting my knitting. 😀 ~ everything is so upside down and inside out that I’m never quite sure of where I’m coming from from day-to-day – from cancelling events to buying groceries online (that’s weird…). It’s way too stressful, so I’ll go do what I can to survive it and “carry on” as the old expression goes. Keep on doing what makes you happy. (as much as you can, in a virtual world) (and btw, I’ll admit I’m 74 and some days lately I feel every year of it … that’s concerning; hence the doing what makes me happy statement). I look forward to what you create which will, as always, be spectacular 🙂


    1. Thank you for that. The fear became too much, so much so that my depression was taking down my immune system, the last couple of weeks, which is now why I am fired up on ‘roids, fighting this Poison Oak infection. Honestly, I have never known so much about politics and look forward to the day when I do not have to think about much of it. In the meantime, kindness is necessary. I have to keep reminding myself of the lovely but very conservative woman with whom I had deep conversations, for a couple of years, at that Texas show. She began our relationship by saying, out loud, that she would never buy anything from a Californian. By the end of our hour long discussion, she bought something from me and did so last year, as well. That is saying something. Keep yer chins up, darlin’. We WILL get through this.


  2. Lisa I would like a skein of the 2020 yarn in sock weight. As a Canadian I am unable to travel and my sister lives in the US..we usually go to Rhinebeck together. It makes me sad but mostly I am tired..very tired. Due to our rural satellite wifi virtual festivals are impossible and Zoom contact is frustrating. However I am well and safe..i should be more grateful for that I guess. Hopefully the Poison Oak is getting better.


  3. I am going to miss seeing you at the NYSS&W Festival and all the wonderful colors you have at your booth. Instead of a hug we normally exchange, sending a big virtual hug your way! Nice to have your blog and look forward to more in the future. We will make it through and keeping in touch this way is the next best option.


  4. Thank you for this, Lisa. We evacuated for two days because of the wildfires in Oregon, and I was tense and jittery for days and days after we got home. Even knitting couldn’t help. So I made the decision to avoid all political “news”. There’s so much hate and anger being expressed right now, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve also backed off from the conflicting Covid information coming out.

    Since I’ve done so, I find that I’m calmer and am knitting and spinning more, too. I’m focusing on beautiful things, and am getting ready to spin “Sky Drama”. Working with beautiful fibers and yarn soothes my troubled spirit. I’m so grateful for your posts here, and I hope the poison oak clears up quickly for you.

    Thank you!

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    1. Oh, Mokihana, I am so sorry that you had to flee. I agree that we have to take back our happiness and know that our vote is all that we can do, at this point. Big hugs to you. PO is beginning to heal, thank you. 😘

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  5. Miss you, Lisa! I agree about the “knowing more about politics” part. For a while this summer, I went nuts knitting dish/washcloths, because it was all I could manage. At least my creative side gets to play with music, as I provide recorded music for remote church. That’s been kind of fun. (This week I did “One Tin Soldier”!)
    Sending healing vibes your way, and I’ll probably need to be ordering something soon.


  6. I believe 2020 is like poison oak. No amount of psychological preparation, philosophical rationalization, emotional equanimity can make it go away. You just have to wait until it’s over and hope that the pain and discomfort will stop, that the Supreme Court will not be a long lived scar of the horrible experience. Knitting, and the creation of beauty, the tactile soothing, the joy mitigates even if it doesn’t erase, and for that, I appreciate and thank you for what you do.

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