It Is Our Turn

No, we are not on fire but have had a few days with low smoke particulate numbers, which allowed me to open the windows on my side of the bed, last night. It is now 11:45am and the winds have shifted, bringing up the smoke from the tragic fires in the valleys to the Northwest, up to the Foothills.

Windy App

There it is, right there, why I have reverted to that tired feeling that I had for weeks, from, well, bad air. I could distance my mind from it, giving a bit of respite, having to be TOLD how bad it is in my childhood playground ( now belonging to the Uber Wealthy) the Napa Valley. My heart goes out to all in harm’s way because this has become damned near intolerable.

I started to put out the racks and then, as my throat closed up, thought better of it. There won’t be a campfire smell but those particles would attach. Perhaps slower drying than yesterday but we have to be careful.

Indoors is better, today.

Say a little prayer for California. The vast number of people losing their homes are just schlubbs like you and me and we all live with the fear that our insurance will be snatched from us, if they could abandon all of us after decades of payments. Suburbs, grasslands and National Forest, you name it, and this is nothing to do with politics because people on both sides are losing.

Enough whining. Time to hang some more fiber and go have lunch and a nap because I was up too early, thinking all of the thoughts about the future new website. Stay tuned.

One thought on “It Is Our Turn

  1. I’ve been praying for California. I don’t think you’re whining, either. You’re stating facts. I’m praying for clean air for you folks, too. Ours has gotten hazy again…not from here, but from down your way. Please stay safe.


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