Going, going…

The Last Hardtwist

If you have been thinking about it, time is running out! This yarn will be like the Monty Python 🦜, cease to be.

There will be a new website in my future and I am going to pare down my ridiculously large choice of yarns, perhaps adding another sock base, but that is it. This yarn was made for me, SO many years ago and now, it is dribbling out, at the end.

Staring into a new decade of life, that is beginning with such drastic external changes, I have been taking the time to clean closets, my mind and business. You don’t stay in this kind of SMALL business without adaption, or you will not survive. I have had to juke and spin many times, since my first little craft show, and it is time for an overhaul of what has been a big beautiful website to something simpler and more attune to the needs of people who connect via phones and tablets, rather than the lavish space of my desktop.

Now, I just need to flush this damned Prednisone from my system, so that my heart can calm down, once again. It did the job of clearing my skin but 123 bpm while working in the dye room is a bit much. Ya think? Water water water water!

Dyed some of the Rhinebeck 2020 in Deluxe Sock, yesterday, so it will be available in two bases, with the Pyrenees Worsted. I will keep you posted.

One thought on “Going, going…

  1. “Drastic external changes” is right. Sometimes it seems like March was yesterday, and at other times it seems like eons ago. I need to do clearing out, too. And I’m glad you’re off the Prednisone. It works, but yeah, 123 bpm is a bit much for sure. Take care, my friend.

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