Another One Got Away

I loved her knitted hats and ability to costume and while she was tough, I admired her so much. Annie Modesitt Got Away today and this hits me hard.

I read her Knitting Heretic book and somehow, at that particular time in my life, adopted her combination knitting technique, which changed my fabric. To someone on the outside of this craft, I know, no biggie, but this was one of those little seedling moments. She inspired me with her designs and she has inspired me with how she has fought this cancer. She was scrappy and rubbed a lot people the wrong way but she loved her family fiercely and now she is gone.

Annie saw her husband through years of cancer treatment and then, like a slap upside of the head, her aches and pains turned out to be what had already alerted my loved one that something was amiss, leading to his diagnosis. She had helped us and now, her toughness could not hide what cancer was doing to her, even though she had driven cross country to do shows as a teacher and yarn company partner. The last time that I saw her was two years at Yarnfest, where we touched base about Multiple Myeloma. She was damned tired and in pain. Diagnosis came, soon after that.

You know what? I REALLY DID BELIEVE THAT SHE WOULD BEAT IT. Damn, Annie, the world just shook a bit. You were a rockstar and a PITA and I am going to miss the idea of you being in the world.

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