A Feeling of Accomplishment

In they go.

Our county has a fairly small population, relative to how large it is, bordering Folsom, that straddles the bend in the landscape, up to the part of South Lake Tahoe, that butts up against the Nevada border. Our El Dorado county registrar moved mountains and mailed out our ballots on the 28th of September. Today was the very first day that we could slip them into the slot of the drop box, on the County Seat campus. He said that it sounded like the envelopes fell onto a soft pile of paper, instead of the thunk of bare metal. Thumbs up, voters!

We don’t get out that much, but when we make the drive Down The Hill to Folsom, it is good to take care of a couple of errands, to maximize the effort and time spent. Today was no exception.

We have been Kaiser members, since our firstborn and have been rolling in to get our flu shots at this time of year, forever, because we USED TO TRAVEL. Sorry, was I shouting? No indoor lineup for shots, anymore, so, today we took a chance and headed to the drive-thru flu shot hooptidoo! Talk about efficient, there were space for 6 vehicles at a time. We got in within 10 minutes, drove up to the front slot, handed over our cards and ID and then there was a nurse on each side of the car, to administer the shot to both of us at the same time. BAM and out! Well done , Kaiser, Folsom, well done.

We were out of there so fast that we had time to do something for the first time since probably February; we went to Trader Joe’s. I missed TJs, for all of those wonderful veggie blends and pasta sauce and well, the old comforts. We got in line, which went quickly, and got out quickly, in time for our appointment and high fives each other for the relative normal feeling of accomplishment. Seriously, the only weird thing was the way people no longer look at one another, once masked. Why is that? Afraid of “Cooties”, I guess.

Good night, wear a mask and be good humans.

3 thoughts on “A Feeling of Accomplishment

  1. Good for you! Voting and Trader Joe’s and a nice drive…and flu shots to boot!! I’m happy it was a good day for you both. Our ballots don’t arrive till next week.

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  2. Yep, yep, and yep. Our “absentee” ballots are on the kitchen table, to be deposited at the USPS. K got her flu shot at the doctor’s office during a regular appointment, and D and I are waiting for Walgreen’s to get in a new supply — they are OUT of flu shots, which I take as a good sign that people are paying attention and doing what they should — some of them, anyway. And despite all the extra precautions (we’re still cleaning all our groceries because of . . . me), I rather enjoy my bi-weekly trip to Aldi. I would LOVE a trip to TJ’s, but, despite my years of begging, they refuse to cross the Hudson. Sigh . . .

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