I am old enough to think of Bill The Cat, when I write that title. Granted, that scroungy cat was attempting to hack up a fur ball, but for me, it was something different.

I have been quiet lately because I went down for the count, just bone weary and in need of extra sleep. The alarmists in my family were checking my symptoms and were afraid that I might have Covid. Uh, I have been with no one, other than family, without a mask and precautions, but still they pushed. It made me so damned nervous and upset, yesterday, that I went ahead and booked an appointment for this morning, to have the swab that goes down the throat (ACK!) and then down each nostril.

Kaiser has been stellar for the things that I have needed, this past week. Drive through flu shots and now this. They have a separate building, across from the Roseville hospital, that is designated for testing. I made my 9:05 am appointment and got right in, with no one else in line. I got ushered into the room with One Chair, by the sweet nurse, who was gowned and masked and told me what was going to happen, even counting down the seconds as she went up my nostrils. I had already gagged on her, with the throat thing and felt sorry for that. The test took all of 15 seconds and I was out of there. It is a 45 minute drive, each way, on a Sunday with no traffic. I am glad that I went but man, was I nervous!

After I gave in to the pestering, from Rod and our daughter, they suddenly found information that fit my symptoms of being cold and tired. Oh, yeah, withdrawal from that horrible Prednisone, which caused me to run on empty for three weeks, sleeping in two hour spurts and having my heart pound out of my chest all day long. Man, did I ever get a lot done but I hated that feeling of having had 20 cups of coffee. Now, I am back to feeling all of those aches and pains that accompany the aging process and the thinning of the shields around nerves. I now realize that I felt NONE of that, when I was on that stuff and as I eased off of it, I remembered the toe that bothers me, when I am trying to sleep. Haha! This reminds me of someone else, on the other side of the country, who has been high on “Dex” and feeling like Superman; there will come a time when it wears off and he will begin to feel crappy. OR, perhaps he will find a way to keep taking it. I don’t wish the withdrawal on anyone.

So, now we wait for a couple of days. I had no other symptoms. No fever, no cough, no shortness of breath, etc, etc, etc. Better safe than sorry, eh?

The sun is shining and the air is clear. I have orders to attend to and life goes on. PS, if you hear Rod yell, when I punch him in the arm, that means that I do not have it. He has been warned. ::wink::

3 thoughts on “Ack!

  1. Fingers crossed no plague thing….

    Sorry but from what I’ve read about your hyper-drive episode sounds like your body is finally trying to recover, it’s Sunday so maybe do that “day of rest” thing, you deserve it!!!

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    1. Thanks, Carol. Yesterday was Robe Day. I slept all night through (!) and then went back to bed until 11 am. Took a nap in the afternoon and just caught up with everything. Of course, The Thing was wearing combat boots in the attic, so of course I did not sleep that well, worrying about the test. Now, I am just taking it easy through the dyeing. This too, shall pass.


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