Good news

Did you hear Him Take It Like A Man? Yes, I punched him the arm and he gave me a High Five. No Covid. Another bit of high esteem for Kaiser, getting back to me in under a day. Deep Breath. Onward.

Downloads available

The folks at Longthread Media decided to make their patterns available for download, so in case you missed getting a copy of the Piecework edition with the shawl on the cover, you can get it this way! Seriously, it is so much fun to knit and so squishy warm. I mean it.

Getting Ready For Virtual Rhinebeck

Hoo boy, this is going to be interesting. I have signed up for three one hour sessions; Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 1-2pm East Coast Time. You can sign up to come to the festival for a slim $5 and then you can wander through the festival and join Zoom sessions. This is going to be a learning experience for yours truly so Rod is going to help me through it. I will miss the physical surroundings of the fairgrounds and my buddy, Ellen, but I am looking forward to trying this.

One thought on “Good news

  1. Hoo, girl — great news from Kaiser! Woo-hoo!!

    I’m sitting here, wearing my “souvenir” shirt from last year and wishing I were doing my usual preparation for a NYS&W weekend — eating well and hydrating, and, most of all, adhering to a “real world” sleep and wake schedule (something I seldom do these days/nights ’cause I don’t have to). Miss both of you. Hope you have really good, fruitful weekend.


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