Virtual Rhinebeck

Have you thought about “going”? There is still time to register here. It all starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday. We will have a Zoom time from 1-2pm eastern (10-11 for me) Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A little corner of my small world.

We dug into this whole Zoom thing, yesterday, with me trying to focus on the tutorial. Most people seem to have had high speed internet forever, but for us, here in our little wooded canyon, Rod just found a service that appears to be working for us, only a few weeks ago! ( Netflix junkies, much?) Before this new doodad that sits in my showroom window arrived, we would never have been able to participate any of this!

The little Martian who talks to a cell tower.

We shall see how things go! Tomorrow would have been move in day and I would have begun putting down the purple flooring that protected all of the attendees from concrete floor fatigue. It feels funny to anticipate something that has been such a big deal for us, both for the soul lifting drop down into the colorful Hudson Valley and for the crush of happy shoppers that always overwhelmed this outgoing introvert.

I got some help, yesterday, from David, the guy who volunteers, every year, to put together the programs and all of the yearly SWAG. He has been instrumental in making this Virtual thing run and while it is a work in progress, his skills are making it happen, all as a VOLUNTEER. This is why I love going to Rhinebeck every year; none of it would happen without the wonderful people who make it happen, because they love it.

This year, the Fairground is going to miss all of the money generated by the entrance fees for this and all of the other events that could not happen. The sheep group makes the money from vendors and the souvenirs. The $5 as an entrance fee for this year, as well as the nominal $25.50 Vendor fee is helping to pay for the cost of the web setup. I decided to be a sponsor because it was the least that I could do, for all of their hard work. They returned our booth fees!

So, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-2pm eastern. We will be hanging out in the portion on the studio with the majority of my yarn racks. You can ask questions (probably by the chat feature) and I will talk about yarn and fiber and what it is that I do.

My grandma told me to learn something new every day and this is all new for me and here’s hoping that it works the way that it is supposed to! One day at a time.

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