Hoo Boy, I THINK That I Am Ready

This should say it all.

What a day!

For those of you working and schooling kids from home, you are way ahead of me, with this Zoom thing. I salute you! We are way behind, in this learning curve, thanks to 13 years of iffy internet, but we are, I hope, ready to welcome you into the studio showroom, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

We figured out how to share a video that I shot, today, and I am crossing my fingers that it will go, without a hitch, tomorrow.

Remember, you can “go” to Rhinebeck, from the comfort of your own little piece of the world! Just go to sheepandwool.com and sign up for visits with your favorite vendors! You can even shop for those treats that you were used to getting, in the local food hall!

See you tomorrow and I will give you a tour!

PS, Linda Dean dropped off a cowl crocheted with this year’s souvenir color, in Pyrenees Worsted. It is soft and yummy.

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