Last Day of Virtual Rhinebeck

Oh my goodness, has this ever been a learning experience! Having an ISP that has been slow and erratic, for so many years, put us behind in the learning curve for all of this new technology. Now that we can reach out and stream, taking part in this, our first Virtual Event has been wonderful.

Thanking my Lily for the sign.

We now know that the volunteer crew for the DFW Fiberfest has decided to focus on 2022 and skip the expense of trying to do it in 2021. This is the writing on the wall, I suspect, for all of the shows for this next year, with Covid-19 as the specter in the wind.

This event, Virtual NY State Sheep & Wool Festival has set the bar for how something like this is supposed to work. I am so very grateful to the volunteers, whose faces I know so well on Check-in Day, for their hard work and dedication to making this event successful. I am also so grateful to the folks, both old friends and new faces, who have come to visit with me. It has been a big boost to my moral.

I am now at 20 minutes to 10, on the West Coast and waiting for the doorbell sounds of attendees entering the “room”. By the time these three days are done, I will have a better understanding of this Zoom stuff, making it easier to enter into this next phase of How Shows Are Done. I am so grateful that I could do this. I mean it.

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