Getting After It

Ready for tomorrow.

In the Old Days, pre-Covid, we would have driven back to our son’s house, for a couple of days of fun with our family, before making the long drive back to California. Today, after a long weekend of greeting visitors to studio, via Zoom, there is no long wait for those who have ordered, due to the drive time, across this big country of ours.

I was so happy to spend the morning tagging and wrapping orders, placed before the show, to go out in today’s mail. After lunch, I began attacking the orders that came in over the 4 days of the show. The weather is still what I would consider to be Indian Summer, which makes possible drying yarn and fiber in the sun.

We got to spend last evening with the West Coast family, celebrating Rod’s belated birthday. It was so nice to relax with the kids and do that thing that happens, when we are all safe with one another; namely, “Grammy, come see my room”! Sydney, the 9 year old, is turning into a pre-teen and has decided that she is OVER her unicorn obsession, which is great by Lily, who is happy to inherit her sister’s unicorn that is sit-on size. Syd’s walls are now covered in pictures torn from preteen magazines. So cute and so familiar. Jacob, aka The Schnickle of days gone by, just keeps growing. At “almost 15”, he has a wicked sense of humor and managed to get straight A’s in his first semester of high school, simply because he is very determined.

We really miss not being able to have times like these with our East Coast family. They are growing so fast, making pictures and videos so precious. I am just looking forward to the time when we can jump on a plane and go for a visit!

Time to fire up the pots and pans for dinner.

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