Just Stop

I can hear the breeze kicking up in the trees and so I just KNOW that they really ARE going to shut everybody down again; THEY being Pacific Gas & Electric, with whom California has a love, hate, hate relationship, these days. Yes, the Weather Channel sent the Red Flag warning and so PG&E has warned us that they could shut off our power between 3-5pm. This had darned well be the Blow of the Century because those of us in El Dorado County with wind measuring thingies are beyond jaded. Yes, I see pine needles and maple leaves dropping but not much else. Ah well, the Big Ass Generator will kick in and we will Still have light, but, as with the pandemic, we are OVER THIS. Perhaps if they had taken care of the infrastructure, instead of giving fat bonuses to the failed management, we might not be in this mess.


Today was supposed to be my day off, and it IS, to a certain degree, but we had to run errands and I needed to vacuum up much too much dog hair, after ignoring it, in favor of getting ready for and doing the Virtual Rhinebeck thing, last week. Now that I am done with the vacuuming and dusting, that guy up there has been yelling at me to make a lap, so that WE can take a nap. He is now zonked out, next to me.

Nap buddy.

I have been picking this up for comfort knitting. Festival of Stitches by Lisa Hannes.

Festival of Stitches

This is natural Silk/Baby Camel and Deluxe Sock in Blackbewwie and Zin. I am really enjoying the way that she makes the bobbles. I have always loved the texture of the darned things but her way of doing them is foolproof. Old dog, meet new trick.

Orders are making their way through my hands and while I wish that I was as fast as we were, during the days of having help, I have to keep reminding myself that it has only been a week since the “show” ended. It is all about efficiency of movement, at this stage, and after a very slow summer, I am getting back into the groove of the work. Thanks to all of you who ordered!

Time to succumb to the cat, who will sneak onto my lap, as soon as I stop this tapping. He always wins.

2 thoughts on “Just Stop

  1. Succumbing to the cat is always a good idea. I’m hoping that rain comes soon to your area so that you don’t have to deal with the shut-offs.


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