Where have you been, Lisa?

To say that I have been busy, all of a sudden, is an understatement. Believe me, I am so very grateful but after a disastrous three months for my business, fueled by a general malaise and the NEED to organize closets and drawers, this sudden influx of BIG orders threw me for a loop. Something had to give and it has been my social media.

We are in a real Indian Summer, right now, after that dip in temperatures that gave us a true deep freeze, right in the middle of our most recent Red Flag Warning that caused a 2 day+ power shutdown. I can only imagine how rough it was for the folks around here, without generators.

Black oak

Raven’s are calling to one another and clicking their castanet beaks, as I sit here in the waning sunlight. Rod saw vultures circling, so perhaps the Raven’s are here for something. I just love their society.

We lost this little soul to the window. It always makes me sad to see birds succumb and it is the medium to large birds who do not make it.

Thrush who has ceased to be.

I have tried to upload the photos to this site for a couple days and finally, while heading to visit the kids for Halloween, it finally worked. Curious.

Speaking of Halloween, we got to FaceTime with the East Coast Souza family, who had just completed a backyard candy hunt. So creative and fun! Of course, by the time the call ended, the littles were wrestling their dad, as the sugar kicked in! Hoo boy.

The latest.

Of course, I am writing this in the car, so the name escapes me but I think that it is Festival of Stitches. I am making it with a combo of Silk/baby camel and Deluxe sock. It is relaxing and soothing.

It is warm here, as we rocket Down The Hill to our daughter’s backyard. We are still waiting for rain and I see the trees at our place are under so much stress that I am worried for them. There is something teasing us, out about a week but like Tuesday’s outcome, I will celebrate when I see it. In the meantime, tomorrow is NOVEMBER. Happy Halloweenie!

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