Can I Get An Amen?

There is a meme floating around about yarn hoarders and another round of shutdowns, saying that knitters, crocheters and spinners have just been Prepping. Yeah, that’s it, Prepping.

No longer monogamous, it seems.

I have had nights of dream filled Deep Sleep, since last Saturday, knowing that while we have Shenanigans to wade through, there WILL be an adult in the room, on January 20th. There is something called happiness creeping up on me and after we Went In, in March, this was so far out of reach, it seemed. There were soul saving visits by our thoughtful daughter, who always wanted to keep us safe, all the way up to my back porch birthday party and then, the final Halloween picnic at her house. I think that I have enough happiness stored up, right now, that Distance Holidays will be just fine; you know, no weeping.

You see, as of about 12:30pm today, this happened.

My Bug-out Bag

It is all because of this.

The rain has come.

Yes, I unpacked that Run For It bag and put the suitcase away. We have rain bands coming in at regular intervals, which makes me SO HAPPY! Teejay got a bit worried when I brought my bag in, not fathoming that clothes being put away does not mean that he is going to be here, alone with the kitties. Oh happy day, the sound of rain.

View from the dye table.

I am going to spend the rest of the day knitting, and with a weird bend to my mouth; a smile.

8 thoughts on “Can I Get An Amen?

  1. I have a list next to me of what to put in my Go Bag but not the Go Bag; we’ve been a little further away from the line of fire and never quite got to that point. But yes, it feels great to be able to breathe again on all counts!

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  2. Oh, I love that word: Happy. I’m not quite there yet (I think my marker for Happy is being able to watch/listen to a newscast without keeping the remote in my hand (TV) or my finger over the volume button (computer) lest I see/hear that offensive, absurd visage or hear that cringe-inducing voice. I wonder how long it will take to get there, once they pry him out of the White House . . . but I am SO glad to hear that it is finally raining at your house, and that the BO bag (wait — that doesn’t sound right XD ) has been retired for another season. Hurrah!

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  3. I, too, have been sleeping better. And, believe me, if I could bundle up a bunch of the rain we’ve been having (tropical storm remnants) and send it to you I would. I’m glad you are sleeping and that you don’t have to have your go bag packed and ready.

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    1. It is amazing how rain takes on such different emotions, depending on where we live. Our dear friends in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand have been inundated, much like the South East. Hopefully, too much rain does not get into the electrical guts of your building! Our trees are stressed, much like the urban trees in Atlanta were, back when we first met. I remember the heavy mulch around their “feet”. I did not realize that my aging was due to 4 years of high stress. It has been so toxic!

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