Staying Safe and Cozy

While the western half of the family is having some peace and quiet and hiking time, we are entertaining and boring the bejeebers out of our one and only grand dog.


It is mighty quiet for her, here with Grammy & Grampy, instead of the constant commotion of a household of 5, with two young girls with lots of energy. Walking the dogs feels a lot different when one pulls you up the hills and the other lollygags along behind. True, her little legs are just that, little. She went to the groomer before the “parking lot handoff” (better known for children of divorce) and man, this cut makes her keep moving, because it is COLD up here, in the mornings! I think that her papa is sick of picking out weed seeds, from a longer coat, so there’s that. She is mighty low to the ground and would prefer to go through the bushes than around them. Oh, Ziggy.

We are canceling the need for Thanksgiving, this year. He and I will be doing the same old, same old and not minding it, one bit. When I see little videos of folks packing airports, I just wonder why I have had to sacrifice 90% of my business, to stay safe and keep others safe. Oh yeah, because I give a rat’s patoot, that’s why. The folks who look after our seniors, in the nursing homes, at least here in California, are from the Philippines and we now are coming to find out that they and Pacific Islanders are being hit the hardest of all ethnic groups. They are caring for the most vulnerable population; frail people in care centers. They may have to interact with the scoffers who are going to gather, despite pleas from doctors and scientists, and then infect great grandma. There is not one thing that I can do about any of it, other than to stay as safe as I can and be respectful to the lives of others. I am willing to sacrifice this year and income, so that life can go on, once the vaccines become available. Where we live went from Orange to purple tiers, skipping the red one, because there are so many scoffers here. So be it.

I just paid for the services of Wix and have to get busy taking photos and deciding what it is that I want from the newer and sleeker website. Rod found someone who will help me to set up the template and then teach me how to use it, so that I can not only pare things down a bit but be able to add or subtract offerings when I want or need to. I especially want a spot for specials, which will be kits and other things available for a short time. It is exciting and daunting but things have come SO far, since Brenda Zuk first dreamed up the website, in 1999. Holly Haynes took over, years later and helped move me further along in this long journey from Analog Lisa to someone much more comfortable in this digital world. Grandma told me to learn something new, every day, and, well, this will be the next phase. I just want something user friendly for folks on phones and tablets, so I will be excited to get started, whenever Kathy carves out some time for me.

In the meantime, be good to yourselves and stay safe. I will be here, putting one foot in front of the other, keeping you all in my thoughts.

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