Annnnd, We’re Live!

Man do I miss my friends; fiber friends. I miss seeing them at shows and festivals; catching up with gossip, hugs and shared meals. I know that these terrible times (that as an introvert has not been THAT hard) will end but when things get slow, old timers like me start whispering the R-word. Lucky for me, the spouse will hear none of it, and so we wait.

One of my dear and much younger friends happens to be an old soul and a mensch, full of ideas and enthusiasm that seemingly only a Sag can convey. Linda Dean has been the head of the Hangtown Fiber Guild and then moved on up to be the president of the Crochet Guild of America. (The girl knows how to herd cats.) She has been trying to figure out how to create collaborative work with folks of different artistic disciplines, which ties into the work of ANOTHER mensch; Brenda Atchison. Brenda is the head of a faith based women’s empowerment organization and just happens to be the business end of LickinFlames, with the artist part being taken care of by the very creative Jim Atchison. We all met at a fiber show and have been buddies, ever since. Are you sending a connection?

Linda’s idea was to create this collaboration between the three artists and have a kit that would include a one-skein piece that could be crocheted or knitted AND a beautiful embellishment. That kit has gone live on their site! LickinFlames

Here are better shots of the colors of both options.

Deep Sea

The yarn is Timaru and that lovely shimmer is due to the Bamboo ingredient. Cellulose fibers do not accept the acid dyes and so they just are a bit more muted and silky than straight protein fibers. Jim’s “pins” are actually magnetized and will STAY PUT!

The kits are $48, which is actually a great deal, considering the normal retail price of the components! This will make a great gift!

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