Good (?) Morning!

I know that I heard what sounded like a plane or huge truck, early this morning, which was followed, seemingly shortly, by the sound of at least one siren racing up our canyon. I fell back to sleep until a weird crashing sound got both of us fully awake at 4:30. The roaring was still there and because rain has been sparse, it certainly was not the creek!

Rod got dressed and grabbed his flashlight and, because I had failed to pull down the laundry room shades last night, he saw it, right away.

Oh, hello!

The wind decided to whip the Ponderosa Pine SO HARD that the top of it did somersault over the garage, to the spot where it landed.

Yes, THAT Poderosa Pine!

It had to be some sort of a mini burst to get that treetop to be blown into this position!

Oh, hello…

It seemed incredible that there was no structural damage. Yeah, I changed that to the past tense, because all but about 4 inches of that, down there, was buried in the roof! He had to get up there to clear debris, to really see it. (Now, he is calling roofers.) Thanks 2020!

Just kidding, this pierced the roof!!!

Inside of the house, I have decided that the pretty, artificial tree that we bought last year, is just fine with Nothing but the tiny lights. Seriously, I am just not up for the ritual of putting up all of the 51 years of ornaments, for just the two of us. He agreed. He is, however, determined to put the outdoor lights up, because that is the part that brings us the most pleasure, even if we can’t have a Normal Christmas. I just want to hurry and bring this Covid Year to a close, so that we can get our lives back.

Wash your hands. Distance AND wear a mask. We can do this, I know that we can.

5 thoughts on “Good (?) Morning!

  1. I had a year where I just couldn’t muster anything more than getting the tree up and the girls were either not willing, able, or present to help decorate. I had some big picture frame ornaments and framed a favorite photo of each kid and hung them on the tree. I really loved it.

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  2. Wow, Lisa. That wasn’t a great way to wake up, was it? Yours is worse than ours was in September. That must’ve been some wind! I’m glad no one was hurt.


  3. No damage to the house? You guys are SO lucky that it was just the top! Glad that all is well. And yeah, we haven’t had a Christmas tree in years. Six or seven years ago, K and I decided we missed having one, so she put up and mangy artificial one that was left here by the previous owners. Needless to say, it was up until . . . May? July? . . . and we haven’t bothered since. 😀


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