A new website!

So very different!

Through ISP changes and all of the stresses that have tried to kill me, these past couple of months, I took almost 1000 photos, edited them, renamed them and one by one inserted them into what would, today, go Live. It is still a work in progress ( nothing on the Specials page) but when you go HERE https://www.lisaknit.com you can root around to see what I have been up to. I can finally edit my own photos and add or subtract at will and will be adding colors as I go along.

This site looks different on all devices but the big plus is the you can click on pictures to make them bigger! Have fun playing

One last thing is that the Gift Certificate feature is gone with this new template. Simply use the Contact Me box at the bottom of the main page to let me know that you would like to have me send a virtual certificate and I will take it from there. Where there is a will…

It feels good to be back.

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