Something New

I can happily say that I have begun spinning again. Something seemed to right itself with my hands and so I am happily back at the wheel, in the latter part of my days. It has been a long hiatus, because of hand issues and knee issues and all of those things that seem to be happening as I realize how much abuse this body has had, in these decades of work. Whatever has happened, I celebrate it and I am back at it.

So, I added handspun yarn on the site, under the Specials section, simply because when something is gone, it is GONE. This is so much better than the old site, where people would have to ask me what I had in stock and I would have to send invoices for the purchases. No more! I am still offering free shipping on the handspun portion of your purchase and that will be reflected in the shopping cart, especially if you buy only that.

Everything dreamy lives here.

The newest yarn is actually at the bottom of the page, simply because it was the first thing that I added.

Now, on a personal note, while things were intense, for the last few months, with Rod’s health scare, he has been through lots of tests and each one is eliminating whatever the doctors are guessing at. He is doing well and is waiting for the next scan, to see how his spleen is doing. (the phrase “Venting Your Spleen” has taken on a whole new meaning around here and we just have to laugh.) No Covid, because we are super careful and now, with our West Coast Family getting their injections, we are halfway to hugs. Rod and I are trying to be patient and have signed up where we can, but being here at “Rancho Souza”, as a friend used to call it, we are able to live and work safely. I am just dreaming, like everyone else, about the time when we can travel, once again.

Ok, I am done with all of this and it is time to go ply some yarn.

2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Glad things are beginning to look up for you both. We finally have sunshine today, after what seems like a month of rain here in NC. Stay safe.


    1. Thanks, Martha. It was pretty much radio silence, here for awhile. Glad that you are just getting rain instead of the horrible freeze that so many are experiencing! We are grateful for our rain, to be sure. One snow dump a year is just fine, because shoveling is only fun, the first time! Stay well!


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