Now, gift cards

Thanks to a very nice customer, trying to figure out how to purchase a gift card, on the new website platform, I figured out how to add it and Tah Dah, a gift card page!

I wanted it, when my designer helped me to set up the template but she had never set up a real e-commerce site, so I just let it go. I am actually really proud of my old-dog-learns-new-trick badge, because the Wix platform showed me how to set it up, myself! Hooray! No more awkward fiddly invoices. For those of you still holding the old gift certificates, you WILL have to message me to complete the orders using those, simply because there is no interface with the old numbers and the new payment system. Sorry about that! I will eventually have a Well Oiled Machine and I thank you all for sticking with me, through all of these years of website upgrades!

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