I really missed spinning!

I appear to be a bit obsessed, right at the moment, happily treading away on my little Majacraft Millie, the wheel that reminds me just how big my feet happen to be.


She fits me, right now, because after my healing, self imposed spinning hiatus, I came out on the other side, happily spinning much finer yarn than I used to make for a certain luxury beanie crochet artist. This feels right, because this is the weight with which I am much more comfortable, for projects.


I have actually been thrilled to have the new hand spun yarns go off to new homes, thanks to the latest newsletter revealing that the Specials page on the website http://www.lisaknit.com is the home of these one of a kind skeins (although the website appears to allow you the illusion of buying more than one of a particular skein, believe me, each one is unique).

Something lifted off of my heart, yesterday, as I felt the little sting of the needle hit my left deltoid. That first shot, for which we drove an hour each way, has done something to my soul. I smiled all last evening, through the awkward Golden Globe awards and have had a lightness that echoes the feeling that in 6 weeks, I can hang out with my vaccinated daughter and her family. I was taught to WAIT, as an only child, WAIT as a latchkey kid, WAIT for everything. I have been mostly patient as I WAIT to be reunited with family and friends but the second dose and the two weeks post shot mean that for me, this signals the end of so much isolation. I celebrate each vaccination, because it means that we are getting closer to the days when driving to Rhinebeck, New York and Stratford, Connecticut, to see our East Coast Family, can become a reality.

The only ones who are delighted with all of this isolated togetherness are these guys.

Teejay and Kody

I look forward to seeing YOUR vaccination announcements and I will cheer each one! Now, back to this.

Cat slippers and teal Merino/cashmere/silk

One thought on “I really missed spinning!

  1. I’m so glad you got your first vaccine!! I’m still waiting and so is my hubby. Getting an appt has been a big mess here. I’m also glad to see you back spinning and I loved seeing your photos!


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