The Next Best Thing To Being Here

Man oh man, do I miss seeing my friends and collectors In Real Life. It is coming, soon, I tell you. Rod and I had our 2nd Moderna shots, yesterday afternoon and are feeling fine, so far. Do you know what this means??? This means that I can open my studio again, just like 2019, when happy knitters, spinners and crocheters could come to the studio for the fun and experience of touching , sniffing and learning.

In the meantime, are you feeling nervous or intimidated by the handspun yarns that I have been creating, to keep myself happy and sane? Would you like that experience of seeing how yarns and colors go together and compliment one another? Just ask me for suggestions!

Black Iris handspun on a fabric of Marionberry, with Regal Blue in the foreground.

I really do spend time with people, while we are apart, taking pictures of suggestions for projects.

Deluxe Sock in Quail Ridge paired with Black Purple

I already have people booking time with me for the deep summer, so if you are traveling, or local, let’s talk about visits and some time in the beauty of our forest setting. If you are fully vaccinated, this is a big plus.

Talking of health, we have been through a scary time, the last few months, worrying about Rod and his spleen. Yeah, you know, the juicy, bloody organ that you CAN live without, although it weakens your immune system. The poor guy has had every scan known to man but this last one, his Tuesday MRI (along with bloodwork) showed that the weird lesions are benign and he is weird but good to go. That news and our second Covid vaccinations have lifted our spirits so much that we have spent time digging in the dirt, which is also good for the body and soul. We are cautiously planting what can’t be harmed by a cold snap AND looking forward to having our West Coast vaccinated family here for Easter. Things are looking up!

Take care of yourselves and believe me, I revel in seeing your vaccinations because it means that we can see one another again! Happy Spring.

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