If it is available to you, will you get it?

I shivered and sweated and now I am done with the aftermath of the 2nd Moderna vaccine shot. Funny things happen, when you THINK that things will begin to return to normal, after being fully vaccinated. First was the parody of all of us baby boomers getting our shots, on this past SNL. Yeah, it IS a big deal to my generation because we are more vulnerable BUT I want EVERYONE to get their shots, when things open up.

Today was a very good day because our son, in CT, was able to get his first vaccination, with our daughter-in-law to follow on the 8th. This means that they can have less trepidation about their careers; wedding photographers. Our daughter and Son-in-law were able to get theirs, well before us, because of THEIR jobs, in the dental industry. By all of our adult children getting vaccinated, we have more chances to get back together, once again.

We still run into stubborn, non-masked folks at the grocery store and I shun them, like they could be plague carriers. It’s always the big white men who seem to worry about feeling foolish in front of their counterparts, in my estimation. You just can’t seem to get through to them and this is why things will not return to normal, anytime soon, I fear.

The doctor in charge at the CDC is waving red flags all over the place and it brings me up short, when I think of how many people are NOT vaccinated and how many do not WANT to be vaccinated, because of some fear or another. No matter what I say about having lived through both types of measles and my being grateful that my kids and grands would never suffer that disease, it seems to fall on deaf ears of people who are convinced that they know better.

A friend, who always told me that she would never get a flu shot and had never gotten it was a part of a family who all got it. They survived and were lucky (several of my acquaintances have been through it) but my question is always whether they would take the vaccine, if it could stop the spread, right there and then.

I am gun shy, I admit it. I got an email from the organizers of our biggest and most important show of the year, with an attached survey about whether I would be up for a scaled down (weird) version of the event that we drove cross country for, in October of 2019. Of course I HAD to say yes to all of the scenarios but deep inside, I just was not sure what a smaller booth perhaps outside, would mean for the cost of traveling all of that way and with much less visible stock. Would people come, especially if there was a cap on attendance? Would you go? Who knows what will happen between now and October but things have to start somewhere and that is why I said YES to all of the possibilities, while harboring a certain amount of concern.

Will people take the shots, if they knew that it would mean that life could get back to some semblance of normal? Will YOU get the shots? Will you do it so that we can go to concerts and plays and fiber festivals? Will you even think of going to any of these things?

I had been folding down pages on river cruise wish books but hearing that France is in BIG TROUBLE again, makes me feel concerned about leaving the country. There have to be a subset of knuckleheads in every country that has Freedom built into their culture, to cause the virus to start going up, once again. Will we all have two toned faces, at home, when the summer sun hits those masks? Who needs lipstick, anyway? Seriously, I have a feeling that masks will become the norm, here, as it is in Asian countries.

We were in Santa Clara, last year, when this all began, and I did not hug anyone and used hand sanitizer regularly, after each transaction. Neither of us got sick, while many of my Foothills friends did. I still have not signed up for Stitches West, in Sacramento, but perhaps I will change my mind. Hell, I can sleep in my own bed every night, saving a fortune once spent on over priced hotels in the Santa Clara area. Phooey. My question is (I have asked this of some of my friends, who answered in the positive) if we do this, will you come?

Ah well, the sun is shining and all of our King Alfred Daffodils are standing tall in the light. I have gotten used to this ridiculous isolation but still long to be out, bare faced, with friends. Having the West Coast Family here for Easter is a start and I have a feeling that hugging my grandchildren will be the best tonic for what ails me. Really.

4 thoughts on “If it is available to you, will you get it?

  1. Second dose tomorrow. That means that in 2 weeks we will feel safer to be out and about (with masks, hand washing, and sanitizers.) If an event is held where I can make it, I will go.


    1. Good to know! Glad that you are getting number two. Erik was excited to get his, today. That is HUGE to me. I hope that your reaction to number two is over in a flash. It is WORTH it.


  2. My second dose is Saturday, mine and DH’s. The week seems to be dragging. I will be SO glad when we’re done! I know people who aren’t willing to get the vaccine, but I’m not one of them.

    I’m glad your aftermath is almost over. We get the Pfizer one and I hope it goes okay. It’ll be worth it, no matter what.


    1. Worth a few hours of shivers. I did some light dumbbell exercises, to move the vaccine through the muscle, drank lots of water and two Tylenol. It was over before midnight, so, TOTALLY worth it.


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