We Used To Miss This!

One precious thing that is good about forfeiting our second year of Spring shows is that we are home to witness the burgeoning of the ever expanding bunches of Jonquils (AND our Aries girls’ birthdays). I bought a few, early on, from White Flower Farm and then came another giant load of them, when we had the first work done on the “nothing but dirt” back of the house. They seem to have delayed their show, this year, so much so that the old fashioned King Alfred Daffodils, out by the driveway, are standing up strong, instead of bending to the weather. I feel the same way.

All of the nearly invisible wire cages are for the new peonies!
Stand up straight and get your ruffle on.

I feel hopeful and cautious, just like this impossible garden in the forest. Happy Spring. Now, I have some fiber to dye!

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