In the Pink

I have a lot of hopes and dreams, for this Spring, and while a lot of them are buried in conifer pollen, at the moment, I have planted a handful of new peonies, which should begin to emerge as the last of the Jonquils begin to fade. Pink pink pink pink pinkity PINK!

There are a couple of new pinks, showing themselves, first, in the Pyrenees family of Organic Merino yarns. Blush is just that. Tuberose is a dusty pink, with more of a mysterious quality.

From the left, Blush, Peony, and Tuberose, resting on some Merino/Mulberry Silk in Styx.

This all came about because someone fell in love with the big collection of hand spun and needed some mill spun to complete the garment. See, this really happens.

I hope that more and more of you are getting your vaccines and are In The Pink! I cheer every person I see, on vaccination day. It is the right thing to do, for ALL of us, so, thank you.

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