How this works

Silk Merino I called Iceberg

Wrote about it and decided to go ahead and take a photo. These two braids of Silk/Merino were a first draft for a big project that I did for Schacht Spinning Wheels. You know, they send a story board and the job is to interpret it and see if it is what they envisioned. This was the story board, in a nutshell BUT they decided that they wanted it with less/no beige. Got it! Not going to argue with 100 braids of fiber going out into the world, SO, I got to keep this run for myself and this is what I am doing with it.

First braid has been stripped into teensy, spaghetti-like strands, which presents the colors as they were dyed. The second braid is going to be torn into short lengths and spun from the fold, which will elongate the color changes. The resulting skeins should be subtle and gorgeous. I have some Merino/Cashmere/Tussah that I dyed in my Blue Jeans color (really dark indigo) and the two yarns should make someone an unbelievable yoke sweater (or something).

Well, that’s what is calling me to the wheel, at the moment. Carry on.

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