Like a Shark…

Keep moving, keep doing, keep creating, keep learning; that and counting my steps as I climb the driveway from the road (that really steep part makes my heart beat faster) has kept me motivated and relatively calm, through this Year Of The Covid. Here’s not to say that the isolation has gotten to me, sometimes, but for the most part, being an only child who had to rely on her imagination when left alone, I have some mad coping skills.

The past few months, with the aid of the goop that keeps Paula Abdul dancing, I have coaxed my hands back to doing what caused me to have that personalized license plate that says it all.

It happens after dinner, when I have something to look forward to, on TV, from an hour of Schitts Creek to whatever shows up on my recorder. A couple of hours a night seems just right and although I can get obsessed and spin in the afternoon, on the weekends, for the most part, I am trying to keep my hands available for work in the garden, now that the weather has turned pollen into a decoration. I just won’t give up working with my hands, because once I do, it is over. My hands keep sadness or depression or malaise at bey, and the product of my hands makes me (and others) happy.

Stained Glass hand spun yarn shown with Pyrenees Sport colors.

There has been some deep stash diving, lately. I tend to keep orphans from runs of fiber, especially if there is a braid that looks a bit worse for wear, so that no one sees its potential. These two skeins were created from two different braids with different fiber content. The first one was Baby Alpaca/Silk in Marionberry, that gorgeous hand paint of deep purples. The second was a braid of Yak/Silk, in the old favorite, Joseph’s Coat. I just tore up each of the braids and spun them up, each with their own bobbin. There was some time off, for ruminating, but they seemed to like being paired and so the finished 2 ply yarn was created. I show it in the above photo with a couple of colors of Pyrenees Sport (Organic merino); Paprika and All at Sea, to give you some ideas of how this yarn could be a part of a project and not the WHOLE project, unless that is what suits you. The yarn is VERY silky and dense. Anyway, it is the latest addition to the Specials page. I am already working on some new stuff that is NOT from the stash trunks and actually fresh out of the showroom. I may just show that in a subsequent post, In Progress.

I have something lovely to look forward to, tonight, now that all of the West Coast Family adults are vaccinated. We are going down the hill to our daughter’s favorite restaurant, Aji, to celebrate her birthday. Yes, we will be sitting out on their patio, with plenty of fresh air, so that our laughter will be free. Somebody else’s cooking AND family time, what could be better than that?

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