Grandma said…

She was a wise, but feisty little Aries, my French Grandma. She had so many wacky sayings that have stuck in my brain, for all of these years, but the one thing that imbedded itself into my heart and soul was that if you learn at least one new thing a day, you will stay “young”.

Yes, there have been days, during the long, long year, that made me want to give up but then I would tell myself to Snap Out Of It, imagining the woman who took an 11 year old on a cross country bus trip to the NY World’s Fair kicking my butt. Yes, Grandma, I am still learning.

Yesterday, I decided to push forward with my education by transferring the list of folks who still wanted to hear from me to the new site, so that I could try to find a way to quietly remind them that I am still here, doing my thing, albeit less frantically, by figuring out how to use another of the benefits afforded me by choosing Wix as my-commerce site. I never would have known about it until Rod pushed me into hiring someone to design the new layout of the website. We chose Wix because she told me that it would be the best site for me to use, as a novice, allowing me to upload and eliminate items instantly. Up until the point of doing this, I had relied on the kindness and skills of others, to help me with each new site.

So, yesterday, I launched my first non-newsy email to all of the people who have hung in there with me, for all of these years, with a happy amount of people opening it and coming to the website. I have let dear Holly retire from “having” to put together my words and pictures, so that she can concentrate on learning new things about weaving! It was time and by needing to do it, I was ABLE to do it. Grandma was right!

Now then, I got a message on the site (I get notifications instantly when that happens and get back to people ASAP) from someone unfamiliar with the new layout, who wanted to know why I did not give the yarn info on the yarn page. Yes, I wish that it could be like that, too, BUT this is set up as a template for me and the only place that I can put all of the “put up” info is on the page with the actual yarn color.

Choose a yarn, by clicking on an image.
You see the colors and price but no info. Click on a color.
On the color page, you will find all of the information, plus, if you click on the image, you can enlarge it!

I know that learning something new is a pain but this new site looks different on phones, tablets and desktops, AND, the biggest factor is that even on a phone, you can make the pictures of the yarn colors BIGGER.

Remember, you can message me in that box at the bottom of the Home page. Seriously, I get a “ding” on my watch that a message has come in and unless I am sleeping, you will hear back from me as quickly as sending a text, so don’t roll your eyes about that being a pain (I used to think that, too.) because it is FASTER than me checking my email!

The Trusty Message Box!

Alright, carry on. I have some dyeing to do, thank you very much.

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