It Has Begun

Yesterday changed everything. It was a lovely Spring day, here in the foothills and I was happily dyeing what I had not found on the racks, for a few of the orders that came in. A call came in and because of all of our recent Spoof calls, lately, from phone numbers harvested from our area code, I almost did my “if you are not a real person, I am hanging up” thing, when a nice voice asked for me. She said that there were three of them who happened to be in Placerville and wanted to know if they could come up. Well, Ok, says I, if you have been vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask, and if not, a mask would be required. All safe.

They showed up at about 11:30 and were gone by 2:30. Yep, they had FUN and so did I! It has been forever since I was able to be with people and just BE that I realized how energizing it was. I really missed being with people!

One of the most fun things was that they were looking at all of the samples that I had knitted and were bouncing off of the colors and then on to new colors. I just love it when folks can envision a sample in another color combination and so we were WORKING. This is the very best part of you being to come here, on a field trip (you can also go wine tasting, while you are here). Yarn Fumes.

I have made 2 versions of Pay It Forward in Aurora and Nyam but this one was so yummy that two people took it home. Aurora in Coral Beds and Nyam in Marionberry.

Ever wonder how you can envision what to do with one of the new colors?

On the left, BFL worsted in Tempranillo, snuggled up with the new Late Harvest.

This was one of my favorite choices of a stunning combo with the delicious new Green Jay.

Deluxe Sock pictured in Green Jay, nestled into Raven’s Wing.

One last reminder is that a little Kid Silk Lace can make anything dreamy.

Deluxe Sock in Green Jay, paired with Kid Silk Lace in Fresh Avocado

Remember, I can help you with some choices, through photos, even if you are as far away as New Zealand, in this world of pictures, but if you really want the fun of taking a skein around to find that perfect combination, here in the studio, just let me know that you would like to come.

I will ask you that question about whether or not you have had the shot, simply because if you HAVE, we can have fun like BEFORE the yuck. Otherwise, I will be fine with wearing a mask with you!

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