The Earth Just Shifted

Yesterday, for some reason, I was weepy and mopey and kept forcing myself to go outside and drag the Hula Hoe through the dirt, to eliminate some of those haughty weeds that thought that the small rain gave them permission to take over the landscape. Scrape, scrape, scrape, sigh. Rod tried to drag whatever was bothering me, out into the open, probably because he was worried that he “said something“. I told him NO, that I did not know why I was feeling this way, other than something was coming, some sort of news, which I worried was bad, I guess.

It came in an email. The NY$$&W Festival is a GO. Yes, you read that right RHINEBECK IS HAPPENING, October 16th and 17th. Yes, it will be different, but different in the manner of smaller booths and lots of the booths outside on every scrap of grass they can use. I wrote, begging to be in the building. We will have an abbreviated booth but have promised to come.

This October, she will be on the road again, hopefully without flat spots from sitting so long!

I think that this was what was coming. It was a big decision, to get out of here and go all of the way over THERE, once again. The thing is, if I don’t do it, I will regret it and will have signaled the end of 40 years of craft/yarn/fiber shows. I am not ready for that and I can tell you that a sweet note from a Briarcliff resident, yesterday, telling me that she and her knitting guild were going to come see me first, wiped the mope off of my face. This, before I knew that the event was a GO. She must have known what I did not, because I answered her with “IF it happens”.

Just like last year, when I found a way to participate in the Virtual Rhinebeck, I am feeling a lift of my spirits, once again. We are NOT done, yet.

The Gardens are coming to life.

Until then, I will slowly build the stock, get excited about the new shipment of plants arriving from Gilbert H Wild and do more work to protect the land from wild fires. Nope, not done, yet.

10 thoughts on “The Earth Just Shifted

  1. This makes me hopeful that the local shows I go to will happen! It’s been hard to get motivated to make stuff, not knowing.


    1. Last year, I was so very down in the dumps and having the virtual show that I HAD to do, lest I give up the future of ever going again, forced me to figure out how to do it (and realize that I kind of hated it). I had a reason to make stuff. I hope that your local shows will happen. It is still a weird thought of being with so many people again and being able to hug my east coast family. Having the visitors come, without masks, really reminded me of how life could be, thanks to the roll-out of the vaccines. The two shows run by volunteers have sent out questionnaires, to help them figure if it is worth it. I guess that it all depends on your local health people.


      1. I know a couple shows are making plans but a couple have already said they’re “retiring”, so more than once I’ve thought of having a pop-up with half a dozen people, just for fun.

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      2. I have had a few masked visitors over the year but vaccinated folks can now come unmasked, which makes everything so much Less Weird. We ALL needed the visits. A pop up sounds like a great plan.


  2. Yikes! Will all three of us fit? XD Will you be able to put the trailer close by? Have you asked for placement away from Miss Babs? Any chance of getting into a building? So many questions . . .


    1. I heard back from the vendor wrangler, Margey, who took my thoughts seriously. While the fairgrounds will not allow the vehicles on the actual fairgrounds, because of the abbreviated booths, with space between, she will consider my request for back stock space. I have requested being inside, to be sure. I am too old to suffer weather in a tent. That ship has sailed.


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