Put Me In Coach…

I probably have enough of this fiber left over, to make another one or two skeins, but after trying to spin, last night, I realized that I just have to curtail spinning for awhile. The left thumb is really angry at me for my obsessive spinning of this stuff, but, even so, it was worth it.

Four skeins of “Astorite”

It all started, when I decided to dunk a pound of 50/50 Cashmere/Merino into a pot of “Tuberose”. It was ok, but not fascinating, and so, when I dragged it over into my cozy fiber room, I also brought over 2 ounces of cashmere that I used for soaking up excess dye AND a languishing braid of colorful Tencel, that I had dyed several years ago.

The creativity took place with my hands, teasing and mixing the fibers; readying them for spinning. Of course I decided to put TENCEL top into the mix, which meant a serious workout for my arthritic thumbs. I used to tell people that I liked adding this fiber to mixes because of the high shine, BUT, you have to do a lot of teasing to open this stuff up and much like tearing a phone book (for you youngsters, the old fashioned thing in which everyone’s LAND LINE was listed.); not in half, unless you are young Schwarzenegger, but in bits. It is the thousands of bits that did it, I surmise.

So, these hard won skeins are going up on the site, in a few minutes, in the Specials section. They will be the last skeins spun, for awhile, so that I can stop my left thumb from dictating what can and can’t happen, with my hands, right now. The cashmere in this yarn is neatly tucked into the twist, BUT, as it is handled and worked with, the fluff will emerge. It will be sturdy, soft and gorgeous.

Off to (as Holly used to say) slap these babies up on the site.

Take care of your hands. Oh, and aging can bite me.

2 thoughts on “Put Me In Coach…

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I just tried to leave you a message on the ‘Contact’ area and the ‘Name’ and ‘Email’ boxes are too small(?) so my entries are not legible. Could you please take a look? Thanks!


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