I know, it’s been awhile…

I must admit that the doldrums got hold of me but that may be related to the inordinate amount of forest sexy-time fallout, everywhere. You know, that POLLEN stuff. I have set myself a ridiculous task, that of picking up and getting rid of as many Doug Fir cones as I can fit into a big bag, each day that we walk the dog. The litter is like that after a rock festival. Rod thinks that these trees are trying to beat the clock on the bark beetles, with the drought hitting us, once again. As my friend always says, “If it’s not one thing, it’s yer mother”. Yep.

I’ve been battling with my thumbs, the left one, especially, since I did the big run of that gorgeous Astorite hand spun yarn (the person who bought the biggest skein showed me how it is knitting up and it is just as I had hoped it would be.), which took its toll, because of the Tencel part of the equation.

The “Specials” section on the website.

Of course, I adore the look of that shiny stuff but my aging hands are REALLY PISSED. We’ll see if the CBD cream works. Oddly enough, knitting does not bother me, probably because the thumb movement is so minimal. I was watching an English speed knitter, working with a belt, and she flicks the yarn with her right index finger, the way that I do.

So, I have been busy since I got over my day in bed with “Pink Eye Pollen Poisoning” (as gross as it sounds). My local yarn store, Lofty Lou’s, in Placerville, is the only place that I sell yarn to, and they are getting organized for a shawl knit-along before the Sierra Yarn Crawl, which will be In Person and Virtual, this year. They have chosen to use the perfect summer knitting yarn, Timaru, the beloved merino/bamboo in fingering weight. (There is also a sport version) I just finished the big run of colors and so they can get started with offering them to visitors and locals, alike.

Some Timaru in cool colors
A bit warmer.

I highly recommend this yarn and I am actually using five colors, plus ecru, in a gigantic, long wrap called Uknity, by Jennifer Weissman (bought it on Ravelry). That will probably be the next Finished Object. I made her Loose Ends for my daughter because she fell in love with a picture of Debi Padlicki’s finished piece. It was a lot of fun to make and now I am using the same yarns to make this one.

Oh, and YES, we are driving to Rhinebeck, New York, this October. I am just crossing my fingers that everyone is “good”, this summer, so that we can have a Normal NY$$&W Festival, instead of being relegated to a little booth. I have at least TWO new yarns to dye, right away; a REAL sock yarn WITH NYLON and a flipping gorgeous Mulberry Silk/Washable Merino fingering weight. And then, there might be THIS.

Mulberry Silk/fine BFL. Oh, Mama…

I hope that you all are going to do something fun for this upcoming three day weekend that will ushering in that unofficial summer, in the guise of heat, around here. Be good to one another.

5 thoughts on “I know, it’s been awhile…

    1. I could not wait to get it onto the needles, so I found a simple pattern that would make the most of the yardage of this sample skein and fired up the size 7 US. Honestly, I can’t believe that this is BFL because it is SO soft, but, then again, any of the Mulberry Silk yarns that I get come from a particular mill that specializes in Fabulous. As soon as I can get this into my hands and dyed, I will Alert The Media.


    2. Just got word that i can get an Early 15 pounds of skeins, so I’ll begin dyeing them as soon as they come. Let me know what color you are dreaming of.


  1. Well, that last “cake” is flippin’ gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your pollen woes — have you tried Zyrtec? It’s a REALLY good, non-drowsy one; even helps with the eyes . . .

    It’s POURING rain here, and is going to, on and off, all weekend. Wish I could send you some to clean/clear the air.


    1. We are going to have HEAT. Wisconsin got snow, FFS! I just secured the first 15 pounds if skeins of that glorious stuff and will get more after the next portion clears customs. So dreamy.


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