Knitting Heaven

When last we met, I had taken a relatively cryptic photo of a sample skein of yarn, courtesy of my yarn/crack dealer, that had been dyed and turned into a wound cake. I simply could not wait to bring that yarn over to my fiber room, in the house, after finding a simple and perfect pattern on Ravelry; one that could make the most of the 434 yards of sport weight that was making my hands itch.

I started knitting up a shawl pattern, called Sommelier, by Janina Kallio, and knew, instantly that I was going to get in line for this Mulberry Silk/BFL magnificence.

The yet unnamed yarn, in Coral Beds

The very next morning, I wrote to my Crack Dealer and gave him my review of this glorious stuff, that feels like no BFL that *I* have ever spun, to be sure. Long story short, I jumped on the portion of this yarn that he had had flown in (while awaiting the rest of it) and it is On The Way.

That makes THREE new yarns that will be keeping me busy and out of trouble, before their internet and then “Rhinebeck” debuts. This lifts my spirits!

I have been cheating on my version of Uknity, which I am SO close to finishing. It is a wonderful, BIG knitting project, designed by Jennifer Weissman and uses MOSTLY Timaru but a couple of colors of Deluxe Sock.

Uknity, pictured with Timaru in Ecru, Seaglass and Smoked Teal. Also, Deluxe Sock in Deep Sea and Tui.

The Sommelier, on size 7 US needles is rocketing along, and so I will continue to cheat, until it is done and blocked. If I am LUCKY, the first shipment of the Silk/BFL will be here by the end of next week and I might just have to roll around in it, before dyeing.

Also, I have a huge shipment of freshly combed top in all manner of deluxe fibers coming next week, if the goddess of Customs is kind. I will finally have more Yak/Silk and White Cashmere, to name a couple. I was SO timid about investing more into stock for Weaver Creek (and the dye room) but thanks to Uncle Joe and the Vaccines, I can FEEL things turning around, and just in the nick of time. I will be redoing my Weaver Creek price list AND getting new dyed fibers up on the site.

I hope that you can open your windows wide and let fresh air into your abodes, this weekend. I want to say a prayerful Thank You to all of The Fallen, for whom this National Holiday exists. I hope to hear the WWII planes, this year, if the celebration at the El Dorado County War Memorial goes ahead. It is always a chilling sound and sight of these old planes executing the Missing Man formation, over greater Placerville.

In the meantime, be like Teejay and relax.

Assuming the position, in Mama’s room.

3 thoughts on “Knitting Heaven

  1. You’re SO productive –I’m jealous! And, as far as windows go, ours were open during an unseasonably warm week of May, but are now closed, as it is 47° outside. The pellet stove is, once again, purring in the next room. Spring in NY!


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