Ready, Set, GO

New yarn is coming, in a couple of shipments and the first of the three, which I got, this week, is going to be put through its paces, beginning today. This is the phenomenal 51% Mulberry Silk/49% Superfine washable wool in a fingering weight. Yes, dyed in the same colorway as the Silk/BFL, because I was dyeing that color for a shop order, from Lofty Lou’s.

The still unnamed gorgeousness of this fingering weight Silk/Merino.

It has taken a LOT for me to loosen up my purse strings and give it to my vendors, but, you know, once this happens, things take off. I remember a particular weekend at OFFF, years ago, when we took in a dollar bill that had a particular marking that someone had made and I’ll be darned if that bill did not come back to me, TWO TIMES, after I sent it back out with food vendors! I have a lot of work to do and please send me some good juju that I can keep the thumb nonsense to a dull roar. (There will be Cannabis Pain Cream, later.)

Still waiting to see if the hundreds of bees swarming my little oak tree are going to settle into a pile, so that my beekeeping “neighbor” can come fetch them. Forest Life.

Bee Smart, Bee Kind, Bee Careful. Yeah, groan all that you want, I can’t hear you.

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