Will You Love SilkyWool?

The answer is a big fat YES.

Just a little Wild Things, in a jelly roll pan.

I swatched it, last evening and it makes a really nice fabric for a garment, on size 2 US needles and on a US 4, you get a drape that is out of this world. The colors are working, brilliantly.

SilkyWool swatch in AwwTum

Just got word that the new sock yarn will be here, tomorrow and the UPS are speeding the SilkyBiffle in on Friday, instead of Monday. Wowza! Rod will have to get busy skeining the Sawk so that I can get started! Stay tuned!

PS. Lofty Lou’s have picked up their haul of Timaru in SO many beautiful colors, so check out their newsletter for info on their shawl kit. Busy, busy, busy!

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