The Gang’s All Here

The man in the brown shorts was just here, bringing the little box of the rushed supply of the gorgeous new yarn that I am calling Weymouth. It is the sport weight Mulberry Silk/Superfine BFL that I used to make the big, swoopy shawl, the other day. Now, I need to dye enough to make a beginning offering, on the website!

Weymouth Cultivated Silk/Superfine BFL

The rest of the order is on a slow boat but this gives me enough to get started.

This is the final component in the New Yarn push that is getting me out of the doldrums. (It’s only money, right?)

Front, Sawk and rear Weymouth.

Sawk is the first REAL sock yarn that I have brought in, in a long time. See, I do not knit socks, so Deluxe Sock has been one of my shawl yarns. This one is a really tight twist and has 12 % nylon. I am going to send off some to a few REAL sock knitters to test.

The other favorite new yarn is called Davos. It is a fingering weight Cultivated Silk/Washable Merino 100 grams/540 yards. It will go up on the site, fairly soon. I want to get the web designer to put up the new “collections”, at the same time, but in the meantime, this is a sneak peek at how beautiful it is. (I have a shawl on the needles, in Aubergine)

Some colors of the new Davos Silk/Merino. It is SO delicious.

Time to go back to work. Stay tuned!

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