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I remember when Holly, my last web goddess, would tell me to cool my jets, as I bombarded her with pictures of new colors or yarns, saying that her Mousing Finger was giving her fits. Now I am the one adding pictures and like the child who finally has their own offspring, I now understand all that went into making me look good, although, now things are much more WYSIWYG than they were, when one needed to know how to code. Thank goodness THAT is a thing of the past, so that I can just flounce my mostly right brain self into populating my website with new pictures.

I just got off of the phone with the gal who designed the new website and has been tutoring me in how to work what she has set up for me. That being said, there is now an EVENTS page, which now has a REAL EVENT on it.

The New York State Sheep & Wool Festival (“Rhinebeck”) booth has been paid for and we are driving to New York, in October. It will be two years since we have seen our east coast grandchildren and they will be so much bigger and smarter, by then. Colette has just about finished her Kindergarten year in the bilingual English/Spanish program and will be back to school In Person (her parents will be so relieved), this autumn. Her brother will enter pre-k! All of this has been happening, Over There in Connecticut, while we have lived our lives, gotten vaccinated and are re-entering life.

All of this clicking means that pictures of newly dyed yarns are being uploaded to the website and I have six new pages to work on!

Sawk- Sock Yarn is the bounciest bit of perfection and my test knitter (I do not knit socks) gives it a hearty Two Thumbs Up.

Behind the swatch of Sawk is the swatch of the Weymouth, the newest member of the family. It is a dreamy blend of Mulberry Silk and Superfine BFL. A lovely sport weight. I am in the throes of dyeing it and awaiting a 50 pound shipment.

The third yarn is the glorious Davos, the Mulberry Silk/ Washable Wool in Fingering weight.

The sheen is remarkable and to be able to get a big lacy shawl out of one skein is just what the doctor ordered.

The three new fibers are only populated with the one color, simply because, for two of them, I am awaiting the BIG shipment (it’s only money) from my fancy fiber mill. They are Yak/Tussah, White Cashmere and Rambouillet. Needless to say, I need to stop typing and go dye some more stuff.

Remember, all of the pertinent info about each yarn is found, when you click on a color picture. It is just the way that this template works, so, an extra step for you, I know. Needless to say, the three new yarns are FABULOUS.

2 thoughts on “Click Click Click

    1. Just like the gal piling up meat for “Jake, From State Farm”, I’ll hook you up. We have to figure out how all three of us will navigate in a 10×15 booth, but we are coming!


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