ONE skein

When last we met, I was furiously uploading photos, while dyeing and who knows what else, and I mentioned that one skein of Davos could make a big, beautiful shawl. I give you the finished Drops of Joy shawl by Janina Kallio. (I bought my pattern on Ravelry)

One skein of Davos in Aubergine

The key to getting so much, from so little, is the act of blocking the bejeebers out of it. Of course, I was really impatient, but the cool weather MADE me have to wait until the morning, to remove all of the 9 million blocking pins. I love it! The “washable merino” component (51% is Mulberry Silk) makes the block crisp and reliable.

I highly recommend Davos. My test knitter friend (former yarn store owner) made a beautiful cowl and declared it “so soft” and luxurious and “a bargain”. Yep.

I have a lot of yarn to dye and pictures to take and well, carry on with your beautiful day.

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