These Days, It’s the Little Things

I feel like I am finally Home. The sky is blue, today, and I can hear the playful banter between the little girl down the hill and her big Sheriff’s Deputy Daddy, as he is splitting and stacking wood, in their yard. It’s kind of like hearing that little plane that used to fly over our house in Lafayette, the first time after 9/11, when he could take to the air, again, with his under-wing lights; it feels Normal.

I have to admit to clenching my jaw, when sleeping and awake, lately, and it is so very distracting, but today I finally sent out a newsletter, letting people know how wonderful Sawk, the new Sock+ yarn is. I have had friends test it for me, since my arthritic thumbs would not take kindly to me gripping the heck out of teensy sock needles. It has been declared to be marvelous for those handknit foot coverings and I am looking forward to putting it though the paces of Other Stuff. You see, it really is all about that twist, right there AND how spectacularly this yarn takes color.

This really has been a difficult few weeks, with choking smoke, fear of losing the house, imposing on our kids, cancelling Rhinebeck and then the heart attack and subsequent surgery needed by our son-in-law, who was not feeling at all well, all of the time that we fell in the door on them. He is home, thankfully, and beginning his recovery but I have to tell you that the doctors rattling around in a particular health insurance company failed him in every way, until he had to be transported, by ambulance, to the ER (twice before as a walk-in). His GP found that his first EKG, a month ago, was abnormal but probably because he is such an outwardly fit specimen, this doctor poopoo’d the test and sent him home. This happened over and over, with doctors opining that it must be gas, or indigestion, or an ulcer but never that his abnormal EKG and chest pain meant that he was on the edge of dying. When he DID get to the hospital, he had to sit in a chair, in the lobby, because there are NO BEDS. The Folsom hospital was full of Covid patients. It took a transfer to get him the emergency surgery that he needed to repair his circulatory system. You see, this is happening EVERYWHERE, touching families whose loved ones have done all of the right things with vaccinations and masks, only to have no room at the inn, when an emergency happens. We are counting our blessings that he is home with his family, resting and recuperating, no thanks to the overworked and uninterested doctors that preceded the amazing staff that finally saved him.

It really is the little things and the big things, these days. I am grateful for today’s blue sky and the silly way that our Lab acts when his Barkbox arrives with a new toy. I am grateful for the way that my cats, who are so happy to be home, yell at me, in the morning, for their daily brushing session. It means that things are ok.

Thanks to those of you who responded to my newsletter, today. You bolstered my feeling of hope. Now, we just need some rain. I just bet that those of you who live where there is too much of it are probably ready to help me encourage the president to use some of that War Money to build some sort of water moving infrastructure so that you quit drowning and we can quit burning. It seems like something that we could do, much like the highway system or yore. Think about it, will you?

Count your blessings and take care of one another.

7 thoughts on “These Days, It’s the Little Things

  1. I’m so pleased with the Sawk that I just received in Violets. I ordered it because one of my dearest friends, who loved purple so much, recently died, and I want to knit something in honor of her. The yarn is gorgeous, and whatever I knit, I know I’ll be happy that I ordered it. In these troubled times, knitting something beautiful is something I can do to calm my mind, and what better than to do it with Sawk!


  2. I’m continuing to send you and your family virtual hugs. It seems like there are no little things because everything carries the emotional weight of big things. Even though we are physically apart, we can get through these challenges together. Love you bunches.

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  3. Holy cow, Lisa. I’m so glad he got the care he needed, at last, and I’m quite sorry he had to go through all that. There’s a simple diagnostic enzyme test they can do to see if it’s a heart attack and not indigestion and they should have done that. My dad shoveled after a huge snowstorm in his late 70s, which is how I learned that one. (He lived to be 93.) The very kind teenagers next door snuck over and shoveled the folks’ driveway every time after that and tried not to get caught doing it. Just sheer Love Thy Neighbor in action, and I bet they’ve remembered it the rest of their lives. We sure do.

    Thank you for all the beautiful yarns you put into the world that the rest of us find our way back to calm with. Hugs to all of you.

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  4. I am sooooo glad to hear your son-in-law is recovering, gosh that was so scary to read.

    Yes, I continue to hope we can get around this scourge and come back to realizing we are in this together, ALL of us.

    Take care and thanks for the updates.

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  5. Good to hear things are steady ….those fires would keep me grinding my teeth too….I wanted to go to Rhinebeck this year, but decided to hold off yet one more time ( and I’m only 90 minutes away! ) I just can’t stand crowds and masks at the same saddens me…so I avoid those situations. Love the new Sawk yarn….deciding which color (s) to buy. I’m a long time purchaser of your wonderful yarn…as you are my favorite dyer! Please stay safe. Sending good thoughts your way from the Catskill Mountains.

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  6. I am glad you feel like things are finally settling down a bit. I am sorry that you have had this kind of stress and praying that all will go better in the near future. Although we are very dry here, at least we don’t have the fires to contend with. Thank goodness for the doctors who correctly diagnosed your son-in-law. Boo hiss to the health insurance companies who let non-medically trained staff dictate whether needed medical procedures are covered. If a doctor says a procedure is medically necessary, it should be covered. Period. Thank goodness that he finally got the attention he needed. Prayers for continued healing to him and safety for all of you.

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