What keeps me going

It has been quite the year, hasn’t it? I have to check myself, after just listening to the news, from Wisconsin, to go down the rabbit hole, so, instead, I am going to write about what has kept me going, during this trying year.

First of all, I am grateful to Science, for allowing me to have some protection from the ravages of this pandemic. He and I have had our Moderna Boosters and have gotten over the droopy days that followed #3 and NOW, seeing our daughter getting hers, I am looking forward to our first Thanksgiving gathering, with many things for which I am grateful.

Our son-in-law has made remarkable strides in his recovery from open heart surgery, due to tenacity and youth and overall fitness. Heredity can be the ticking time bomb below the surface of a very fit specimen, so I am grateful to our tenacious daughter, who demanded that the doctors PAY ATTENTION to the pain and weakness. Together, they are keeping their family going and better than ever.

Science seems to be a big winner, in this family, because our son’s Multiple Myeloma is undetectable, and may it be so for many decades to come. Science is going to cure more cancers and/or deem them to be a Chronic disease. He continues to photograph beautiful brides and raise two rambunctious and smart humans, who I miss very much. He and our wonderful daughter-in-law are doing all that they can to make a good life for their children and as a grandmother, I could not ask for more. Here’s to all of us being together in 2022, in the little house in Connecticut and on to Rhinebeck. (I have my hotel reservations…fingers crossed.)

Now then, there have been some dark days, this year, but I have to say that as a fiber artist, for these 39 years, having new yarn to experiment with at this point, has given me, as I recently told MY “crack dealer” (said with love, of course), that I have a reason to look FORWARD, instead of down at my dye spattered shoes.

Silk/Cotton yarn in three weights

Here is an example; now that some big orders have been sorted, I am putting this new-to-me fiber base through some paces. It is a 51%Mulberry Silk/49% Cotton blend that is allowing me to dye the protein side. You see, for many years I was known for my cotton yarns and finished garments, even dyeing cellulose yarns for a small yarn company. I had no issues with this, when we were in the Bay Area, because we had Municipal water and sewer system, but living here, for the past 14 years, I had to give all of that up because of our particularly mineral rich well water and septic system, simply because it takes a LOT of rinsing to remove excess cellulose dyes. This fiber combination is giving me the chance to offer BEAUTIFUL and silky yarn to those who always ask for a yarn with no wool. As you can see, the colors are muted, as with the merino bamboo Timaru yarns, but I think that they are wonderful. My beloved Crack Dealer is having much more made for me, so that I can have a proper representation of colors, for the website and (gulp) for the 2022 shows (God Willing). There are other new yarns in the pipeline, so don’t be surprised when you feel the urge to try them.

I have been knitting a LOT, lately, which has been good for the soul. I just finished (although I need to sew in those ends) Romi Hill’s Sun Reflecting On Water. I was filling an order for a customer, which included a couple of skeins of Aurora and I got smacked upside the head with the audacious idea of using it for this piece. The design is gorgeous and so different in this silky/fuzzy/sparkly yarn.

Sun Reflecting on Water. Knitted with Aurora in Peach Melba and Dat Beetle.

It is a statement piece, to be sure. This yarn is Silk/Kid Mohair/ and sparkly stuff. ::wink:: It is SO cozy!

As I was finishing up this piece with over 500 stitches at the end, I was eyeballing my next project, thanks to a customer who was asking for yarn help. This is the beginning of Talvinen by Caitlin Hunter. I chose three different yarns for this and hopefully, I will not want to shoot myself for knitting a big sweater with fingering weight yarn! I chose Deluxe Sock in Aubergine, for the main yarn (Merino/Cashmere/Nylon), Nyam (Merino/Cashmere) in Orchid, for the secondary yarn and since I loved the last project with Aurora, I chose it in blue Steel for the birds. I knitted until I was cross-eyed, last night, because I could not get enough of it. It is going to be fun, until the ninety billion stockinet stitches for the body.

The beginnings of my Talvinen.

You see, just writing all of this has lifted my spirits and hope that you have a good day, ahead. Time to keep to my streaming services and avoid the news. Be good to one another, please.

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