Getting After It

Ready for tomorrow.

In the Old Days, pre-Covid, we would have driven back to our son’s house, for a couple of days of fun with our family, before making the long drive back to California. Today, after a long weekend of greeting visitors to studio, via Zoom, there is no long wait for those who have ordered, due to the drive time, across this big country of ours.

I was so happy to spend the morning tagging and wrapping orders, placed before the show, to go out in today’s mail. After lunch, I began attacking the orders that came in over the 4 days of the show. The weather is still what I would consider to be Indian Summer, which makes possible drying yarn and fiber in the sun.

We got to spend last evening with the West Coast family, celebrating Rod’s belated birthday. It was so nice to relax with the kids and do that thing that happens, when we are all safe with one another; namely, “Grammy, come see my room”! Sydney, the 9 year old, is turning into a pre-teen and has decided that she is OVER her unicorn obsession, which is great by Lily, who is happy to inherit her sister’s unicorn that is sit-on size. Syd’s walls are now covered in pictures torn from preteen magazines. So cute and so familiar. Jacob, aka The Schnickle of days gone by, just keeps growing. At “almost 15”, he has a wicked sense of humor and managed to get straight A’s in his first semester of high school, simply because he is very determined.

We really miss not being able to have times like these with our East Coast family. They are growing so fast, making pictures and videos so precious. I am just looking forward to the time when we can jump on a plane and go for a visit!

Time to fire up the pots and pans for dinner.

Last Day of Virtual Rhinebeck

Oh my goodness, has this ever been a learning experience! Having an ISP that has been slow and erratic, for so many years, put us behind in the learning curve for all of this new technology. Now that we can reach out and stream, taking part in this, our first Virtual Event has been wonderful.

Thanking my Lily for the sign.

We now know that the volunteer crew for the DFW Fiberfest has decided to focus on 2022 and skip the expense of trying to do it in 2021. This is the writing on the wall, I suspect, for all of the shows for this next year, with Covid-19 as the specter in the wind.

This event, Virtual NY State Sheep & Wool Festival has set the bar for how something like this is supposed to work. I am so very grateful to the volunteers, whose faces I know so well on Check-in Day, for their hard work and dedication to making this event successful. I am also so grateful to the folks, both old friends and new faces, who have come to visit with me. It has been a big boost to my moral.

I am now at 20 minutes to 10, on the West Coast and waiting for the doorbell sounds of attendees entering the “room”. By the time these three days are done, I will have a better understanding of this Zoom stuff, making it easier to enter into this next phase of How Shows Are Done. I am so grateful that I could do this. I mean it.

Day One, Check!

Jeez Louise, I woke up at 3:33 and could not shut off my brain, worrying about my first ever Zoom Virtual Booth for Virtual Rhinebeck NYSS&W Festival. Of course we were not without a glitch but went in to a lovely visit with some longtime customers, who were very forgiving.

Figuring it out!

Thanks to everyone who helped me through day one! Rod was my right hand man/gofer, poor guy. I hope to have things more organized for tomorrow!

If you haven’t signed up yet, we will be live (promise) Saturday and Sunday at 1pm eastern. I ran the video tour twice, so that everyone could see it. Heck, it is almost like being here.

Time to get back to getting orders out the door.

Hoo Boy, I THINK That I Am Ready

This should say it all.

What a day!

For those of you working and schooling kids from home, you are way ahead of me, with this Zoom thing. I salute you! We are way behind, in this learning curve, thanks to 13 years of iffy internet, but we are, I hope, ready to welcome you into the studio showroom, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

We figured out how to share a video that I shot, today, and I am crossing my fingers that it will go, without a hitch, tomorrow.

Remember, you can “go” to Rhinebeck, from the comfort of your own little piece of the world! Just go to and sign up for visits with your favorite vendors! You can even shop for those treats that you were used to getting, in the local food hall!

See you tomorrow and I will give you a tour!

PS, Linda Dean dropped off a cowl crocheted with this year’s souvenir color, in Pyrenees Worsted. It is soft and yummy.

Virtual Rhinebeck

Have you thought about “going”? There is still time to register here. It all starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday. We will have a Zoom time from 1-2pm eastern (10-11 for me) Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A little corner of my small world.

We dug into this whole Zoom thing, yesterday, with me trying to focus on the tutorial. Most people seem to have had high speed internet forever, but for us, here in our little wooded canyon, Rod just found a service that appears to be working for us, only a few weeks ago! ( Netflix junkies, much?) Before this new doodad that sits in my showroom window arrived, we would never have been able to participate any of this!

The little Martian who talks to a cell tower.

We shall see how things go! Tomorrow would have been move in day and I would have begun putting down the purple flooring that protected all of the attendees from concrete floor fatigue. It feels funny to anticipate something that has been such a big deal for us, both for the soul lifting drop down into the colorful Hudson Valley and for the crush of happy shoppers that always overwhelmed this outgoing introvert.

I got some help, yesterday, from David, the guy who volunteers, every year, to put together the programs and all of the yearly SWAG. He has been instrumental in making this Virtual thing run and while it is a work in progress, his skills are making it happen, all as a VOLUNTEER. This is why I love going to Rhinebeck every year; none of it would happen without the wonderful people who make it happen, because they love it.

This year, the Fairground is going to miss all of the money generated by the entrance fees for this and all of the other events that could not happen. The sheep group makes the money from vendors and the souvenirs. The $5 as an entrance fee for this year, as well as the nominal $25.50 Vendor fee is helping to pay for the cost of the web setup. I decided to be a sponsor because it was the least that I could do, for all of their hard work. They returned our booth fees!

So, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-2pm eastern. We will be hanging out in the portion on the studio with the majority of my yarn racks. You can ask questions (probably by the chat feature) and I will talk about yarn and fiber and what it is that I do.

My grandma told me to learn something new every day and this is all new for me and here’s hoping that it works the way that it is supposed to! One day at a time.

Good news

Did you hear Him Take It Like A Man? Yes, I punched him the arm and he gave me a High Five. No Covid. Another bit of high esteem for Kaiser, getting back to me in under a day. Deep Breath. Onward.

Downloads available

The folks at Longthread Media decided to make their patterns available for download, so in case you missed getting a copy of the Piecework edition with the shawl on the cover, you can get it this way! Seriously, it is so much fun to knit and so squishy warm. I mean it.

Getting Ready For Virtual Rhinebeck

Hoo boy, this is going to be interesting. I have signed up for three one hour sessions; Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 1-2pm East Coast Time. You can sign up to come to the festival for a slim $5 and then you can wander through the festival and join Zoom sessions. This is going to be a learning experience for yours truly so Rod is going to help me through it. I will miss the physical surroundings of the fairgrounds and my buddy, Ellen, but I am looking forward to trying this.


I am old enough to think of Bill The Cat, when I write that title. Granted, that scroungy cat was attempting to hack up a fur ball, but for me, it was something different.

I have been quiet lately because I went down for the count, just bone weary and in need of extra sleep. The alarmists in my family were checking my symptoms and were afraid that I might have Covid. Uh, I have been with no one, other than family, without a mask and precautions, but still they pushed. It made me so damned nervous and upset, yesterday, that I went ahead and booked an appointment for this morning, to have the swab that goes down the throat (ACK!) and then down each nostril.

Kaiser has been stellar for the things that I have needed, this past week. Drive through flu shots and now this. They have a separate building, across from the Roseville hospital, that is designated for testing. I made my 9:05 am appointment and got right in, with no one else in line. I got ushered into the room with One Chair, by the sweet nurse, who was gowned and masked and told me what was going to happen, even counting down the seconds as she went up my nostrils. I had already gagged on her, with the throat thing and felt sorry for that. The test took all of 15 seconds and I was out of there. It is a 45 minute drive, each way, on a Sunday with no traffic. I am glad that I went but man, was I nervous!

After I gave in to the pestering, from Rod and our daughter, they suddenly found information that fit my symptoms of being cold and tired. Oh, yeah, withdrawal from that horrible Prednisone, which caused me to run on empty for three weeks, sleeping in two hour spurts and having my heart pound out of my chest all day long. Man, did I ever get a lot done but I hated that feeling of having had 20 cups of coffee. Now, I am back to feeling all of those aches and pains that accompany the aging process and the thinning of the shields around nerves. I now realize that I felt NONE of that, when I was on that stuff and as I eased off of it, I remembered the toe that bothers me, when I am trying to sleep. Haha! This reminds me of someone else, on the other side of the country, who has been high on “Dex” and feeling like Superman; there will come a time when it wears off and he will begin to feel crappy. OR, perhaps he will find a way to keep taking it. I don’t wish the withdrawal on anyone.

So, now we wait for a couple of days. I had no other symptoms. No fever, no cough, no shortness of breath, etc, etc, etc. Better safe than sorry, eh?

The sun is shining and the air is clear. I have orders to attend to and life goes on. PS, if you hear Rod yell, when I punch him in the arm, that means that I do not have it. He has been warned. ::wink::

Rude Noises

It started a couple of weeks ago, around the time that my beefsteak tomatoes started to take a hit. There were scratching and crunching noises that seemed to happen around my bedtime reading or TV time. I could hear it when I got up to pee, ONE LAST TIME, and it sounded like something was perhaps ravaging something in the garden, which is outside both the bedroom and bathroom. I could never SEE anything, of course, so chalked it up to critters outside. Then, one particularly heinous sleepless Prednisone Night, I heard the noises at around 5 am and tried to see outside, with the aid of my phone’s flashlight. Nada, nothing, zilch.

Two nights ago, probably zonked from my flu shot, I climbed into bed at about 8:30, only to hear scratching in the ceiling, OVER the TV. Got up, got the hubby, who until this night had thought that I must be Hearing Things. Of course, like a trip to the doctor, the noises stopped and He heard nothing. Fine. I flounced back into bed and started up the TV again. It must have been only about 30 minutes later when our little huntress, Zoe the Himalayan, grand killer of yarn balls, heard something and tried to climb the windows in the corner of the room. It was loud crunching and it was coming from the attic. He came back into the room to tell me something and HEARD THE THING. Finally! He promptly declared that We had to call the exterminator.

Well, the exterminator’s Rodent Expert came today. He checked the perimeters of the house, checked the attic, didn’t find droppings, wasn’t sure if it was a rat, although rats chew WOOD and squirrels chew acorns, so probably a rat, like the last time, several years ago. The snap traps in the attic were all still there, so he placed three fancy bait filled units around the outside of the house. I hate the idea of it but that plus Rod fixing the holes in the screen, where The Thing most likely entered and exited the attic, should take care of the problem. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS.

Yesterday morning’s rude noise was the grinding death knell emanating from the dishwasher that has served us well, since we bought this house. NOT GOOD. Today, after the exterminator left, we went to visit our House Sitter (won’t be sitting the house for who knows how long into the future) at her Day Job. Her family owns A-1 Appliance and Repair, here in Placerville, and while they do not have a fancy showroom, they can get us a new dishwasher and a good price and will stand behind it., which means a lot, in this world of Corporate Everything. Now, we wait and wash the dishes. It could be far worse, because unlike refrigerators, you can still get a dishwasher. What a world. Covid-19.

Happy Birthday to My Partner in Crime

Birthday Breakfast

Like a bunch of our friends with successful, long term marriages, we have been celebrating our very Libra birthdays together, now for 53 years. My dad, after the divorce, took me out to eat at a fancy restaurant and when Rod entered the picture, he got to go, too. The last big one with his second intact family, included our two kids, who both remember the belly dancers, as vividly as I.

Two years ago, for the birthday year that he shares with our great friend from New Zealand, we took a 70th Birthday trip through Colorado and New Mexico, because it was their combined birthday wish to ride both the Durango/Silverton and the the Cumbres & Toltec railroads, in First Class. It was a blast and we are all looking forward to the days when America and Americans are not the Virus Capital, so that we can travel, once again.

Best Friend. Best Dad. Best husband. All around great guy. He has promised to help, when we attempt to do The Zoom thing, on the 16, 17 and 18th, from 10 to 11 am Pacific time, for our West Coast Rhinebeck booth. All of you folk who have been to shows know him so well, so it only seems fitting that we do it together.

Happy Birthday, Rod Souza!

Spreadsheets, Zoom Pro & Rhinebeck, oh my.

David and his spreadsheet.

My eyes are glazing over, so Mr Left Brain is going to have to come over here to get me through signing up for all of the stuff that makes me want to run away. I know, I signed up for it, but this will be my maiden voyage with Zoom. I guess that it will be how things happen, going forward but this old dog, like my poor struggling granddaughter, Syd, can’t wait for things to be “normal” again.

I’ll keep you posted.