Love In The Time of Covid19

Goddess help me, I think that I am beginning to pull out of all that has been harming me, from skin to soul. I can recognize my face again and finally have a spring in my step. The week or so that led up to the external agony was fueled, I am sure, by the deep depression hole that I was staring into, which most surely sapped my normal strength to fight this invader. I am grateful that I took the steps with the doctors and I am proud of myself for reaching out to the world again, with this new blog. Facing the prospect of being cooped up for another year was just allowing me hurt myself. Thanks to this outlet, I am coming back to the person that I was, Pre-That Book, which robbed me of this.

I thought that it might be interesting to see some of the creative process that I have gone through, during the worst of the jangled days of high dose Prednisone. I was thinking that I could just step up to the dye table, where I have been filling orders, and roll something out of That Brain, to be this year’s special colorway for Rhinebeck. After months of Why Bother, I had a Reason to create something new and universal, but not the quiet brain that was necessary.

The progression

The brain went from agitated to dark and then to Goldilocks, as best could describe the stepping down process. I had mentioned that the Happy Happy colorway just did not suit my mood, this time, and while it would have been fun on any normal year, I found it to be garish and inappropriate for these times. Number two, I really do like, as an unusual and masculine addition to the palette, but figured that it was too depressing for a souvenir. Number three was when The Brain and body were beginning to feel better and after I swatched it, I loved it.


This is a true neutral, which will look great with myriad colors.

I dyed it, initially, in Pyrenees Worsted, which will make a cozy hat or cowl with one skein, but will also offer it in Deluxe Sock, for colorwork shawls and sweaters.

I am still waiting to see how the virtual show is going to go but if you are like we were, just a month ago, without fast internet and unable to stream anything, I will make the yarn available for request during the show. I’ll figure out how to do it, bypassing my website. Normally, we all show up with our trucks and trailers and lots of the special colorway ready for eager shoppers. Because I have NO idea how this will all work, I will have a few of each ready to go and will take orders over that weekend.

One last thing…

The Studio Door

I AM feeling better.

6 thoughts on “Love In The Time of Covid19

  1. Those of us on the outside of your angst (and the inside of our own) are SO glad you are blogging again. It gives me something to look forward to!! As to the Rhinebeck Colorway trials, I very much like the first, agree with you on the second, and like the third — though if I wore it anywhere near my face, I, too, would be that/those colors. But perhaps an actual pair of socks from the Deluxe Sock is in order . . . SO glad you are feeling better!

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  2. Hi Lisa,
    I’m so glad you are feeling better and blogging again. I really missed your blog. I, too, like the third colorway and look forward to ordering some, along with that paprika colorway!

    Love you,


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