Full of Hope

From my own backyard

Everywhere that we went, today, as we drove to town for lunch, the colors of the changing leaves were at this year’s zenith. No doubt it was because of yesterday’s first rain of the season but, to me, it felt like the colors were so beautiful because I was really happy, for the first time in four long years.

Placerville was full of smiling people today, and no political signs. That made me extra happy. I have hope, even though I know that we have to steel ourselves for the next couple of months. We will get through this. I have hope.

I. Am. So. Happy. A bottle of bubbly is in my fridge and it is almost time. (Just look at all of the children in that parking lot in Wilmington!)

2 thoughts on “Full of Hope

  1. I am so happy as well! The fall foliage colors are so beautiful!

    Years and years ago, when we were visiting hubby’s aunt and uncle in Placerville, they took us to an ice cream shop. It was wonderful! I remember Uncle telling us that if you eat ice cream right before bed (it was then midday), we’d have bad dreams that night. I wonder if that ice cream shop is still there.

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